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Completed Projects

Developing Agro-based Enterprise in District Washuk

The project titled “Developing Agro Based Enterprise in District Washuk” for the period of 06 Months, 22thNovember 2015 to 15th Jun, 2016. This project was funded by Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP) U.S Ambassador’s Program, implemented by the Human Organization for Peaceful Environment (HOPE) being a grantee organization with aims to contribute in improving the economic status of 200 farmers of District Washuk through enhancing marketing capacity of the farmers and establishing market linkages as well as exposure visit to Karachi.

  • One day orientation session with the BOD of HOPE
  • 03 project committees (management committee, procurement committee, recruitment committee) formed each committee is comprised of 03 members
  • 05 community meetings in 05 UCs with 198 farmers to registered them in Zamindar Association.
  • 01 day district level meeting for selection or election of general body of Zamindar Association at district level.
  • 03 days training session with 09 members of Zamindar association on organizational management at district Washuk, Basima.
  • 07 days training session with 25 members of registered farmers and 10 members of Zamindar Association on marketing development.
  • One 4-5 minutes documentary development on the title subject
  • 05 days exposure visits to Karachi with 39 individuals included registered farmers and members of Zamindar Association built linkages with traders.
  • 01 day feasibility study event organized at Association office at Basima with 09 members in evaluating feasibility of crops produced in Washuk.
  • 01 day district level experience workshop with 79 farmers to share experiences of Exposure visits to Karachi.

Capacity Building of Registered Farmers & General Body of Zamindar Association on Marketing

  • Oriented the 35 participants with standardized Agriculture Marketing practices.
  • Highlighted the problems in traditional agriculture marketing system.
  • Sensitized the participants regarding the role of middle men and mobilized them to minimize role of middle men.
  • Familiarized the participants with agro-based enterprise and mobilized them to initiate small skill agro-based enterprises.
  • Deliberated the factors that can increase productivity resulting in higher profit and low cost.
  • Improved negotiation skills of registered farmers through marketing training.

Capacity Building of General Body of Zamindar Association on Institutional Management

  • Orientation sessions for 09 participants on office management and its function.
  • Familiarized them with the skills necessary for managing an office.
  • Exercised management skills by providing an opportunity of office environment during the group work.

Establishing market linkages through exposure visit to Karachi vegetable and grain markets

  • Reduced commission from 12% to 5% on onion trades through negotiation of “Zamindar Association” with the traders.
  • Business linkages have been developed between “Zamindar Association” and traders.
  • Highlighted the hidden problems of farmers through media coverage.
  • Reduced the middlemen role in trading of agriculture produces by developing direct linkages of farmers with traders.
  • Financial cooperation will be with the poor farmers by traders without hidden interest who are not able to cultivate lands because of financial crisis.
  • Confidences of farmers have been developed after exposure visits to Karachi.

Formation & Registration of Zamindar Association

  • Established farmers’ “Zamindar Association office” with all necessities comprised of 07 members included volunteers.
  • Zamindar association formally has been registered under co-operative society act 1925.
  • Members of ZA Actively working in Zamindar Association office at Basima & different issues related to agriculture are being solved by executive members of ZA.
  • Transport companies pay 1000 per load to ZA to run the activities of ZA
  • Full equipped office has been established for Zamindar Association at Basim to support other farmers in trading of agriculture produces and transportation
  • Gul Balochistan and Hamal transport Quetta are identified and negotiated to transport agriculture produces in big vegetable/fruit markets.

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