Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Goals and Objectives

Our Goals

To alleviate poverty for sustainable development through creation of self- help and self-reliance among the people.

Our Objectives

  • To improve education system through enhancing quality education, provision of school management and missing facilities and to facilitate parents and teachers by bringing change in education sector.
  • To take initiative for the promotion of gender equality and protection of children and women rights.
  • To support human rights values particularly minorities, women & children rights and bring gender equality through advocacy, awareness, raising, Behavior change, capacity building and community empowerment.
  • To set up and promote networks of community based organizations for better planning, management and utilization of resources.
  • To ensure environmental sustainability and address climate change effects

Core Values

  • Socio-economic Justice
  • Gender equality
  • Human Dignity
  • Minorities’ rights protection
  • Faithfulness
  • Right based Development
  • Peace and Tolerance
  • Accountability and transparency